Ineke Braat

General Manager

As Owner and Director responsible for the product pipeline and the overall management within the organisation

B-Medical was founded by Ineke in 2005 after a long carreer within the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years Ineke has worked for many companies of which Abbot, Tramedico and Astellas are a few. Besides her work, which is a very important part of her life, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 


Elise Braat

Business Development Manager

As Account Manager responsible for all the questions in regards to the GyneFix IUD, the websites and business development.

In 2010 Elise joined the B-Medical team on a part-time basis while she was still a public administration student at the university of Leiden. After her studies she had found her spot within the team and decided to stay full-time. At the moment Elise is not only responsible for B-Medical but also for other daughter companies. When she is not at work she practices yoga and soccer, spends time with family and friends and enjoys visiting music festivals. 


Hans Braat

Logistics Manager

As Logistics Manager responsible for all logistics within B-Medical. 

After High School Hans started a carreer as a public service worker at the ministry of education. He worked for 27 years in this position before switching to Lubbe Travels BV. After 6 enjoyable years at Lubbe Travels BV Hans decided to join the B-Medical team as our Logistics Manager. Besides his working life Hans has been a soccer trainer since 25 years and he counts sports as his biggest hobby. 


Fenny Prins

Office Manager

As Office Manager responsible for everything that happens at the B-Medical office

Fenny has joined the B-Medical team in the summer 2014. Fenny enjoys the dynamics and diversity of her function and makes sure everything at the office is in order. She has finished a variety of studies from commercial economics to psychology and Mandarin. Before she found her spot within the B-Medical team she worked at different health care related companies. When she is off work Fenny enjoys sports like running and tennis. 



Olette Kerkhof

Product Specialist

As product Specialist responsible for information in regards to the products. 

After finishing different studies at HBO/WO level (Medical, Marketing, Sales and Psychology) Olette started to work within the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1999. She got her experience from working at companies like Knoll, Astellas Pharma and Pfizer. Since a couple of years Olette enjoys being a part of the B-Medical team. When she is not working Olette studies cultural sciences in which includes her love of Modern Arts, she also enjoys good movies and cooking for friends and family. 


Lonneke Paalman

Product Specialist 

As product Specialist responsible for information in regards to the products. 

After Lonneke finished her dietetics studies she started in a commercial possition within the Pharmaceutical Industry. De experience she got in this position is put to good use since she started as a Product Specialist at B-Medical. When she has some spare time Lonneke enjoys sports, reading and cooking.

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